Woman Confronts Cheating Husband In The Act, Then He Crosses The Line

By marine /
Sadly, cheating can often seem like a natural part of a relationship in 2017. It seems that every other day, I’ll scroll down my Facebook news feed only to see that a couple I thought were happy have now split up because Kevin couldn’t keep it in his pants.Not cool Kevin, not cool.

But no matter how much we claim to hate the very notion of cheating, so many of us do it! A recent 2017 study found that 22% of men have confessed to cheating on their significant other, compared to 14% of women. In fact, people who do cheat are 350% more likely to do it again!

And although many of us condemn cheaters and even claim to have had our heart broken by infidelity – we do kinda love it when it happens to others, don’t we?So many of our favorite TV shows reel us in with storylines surrounding cheating, and we can’t get enough of talk shows where people confront their cheating spouses and then beat them up when they fail the lie detector test (here’s looking at you Maury).

In fact, I have a confession to make. One of my favorite YouTube channels is To Catch A Cheater. I just get such a buzz off watching slimy cheaters getting caught out. Call me a sadist, I really don’t care.But there are also so many other complications with cheating, such as what counts as being unfaithful. One person may see no harm in a few flirty text messages, but their partner may consider that being unfaithful.

What about if a married man was secretly having a drink at a bar with another woman? Well, this wife clearly thought that was all the evidence she needed to go on an all-out assault.Granted, we don’t know the full history of this explosive love-triangle, but this surveillance footage from the entrance of a Brazilian bar shows the moment a furious woman confronted a man, believed to be her husband, and a lady he is sitting with, whom she suspects he is cheating with.

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