Tiny Pup Begins ‘Talking’ To Groomer, Thankfully Mom Captures The Hilarious Conversation

By sybase /

If you have pets, you probably talk to them. It isn’t known if dogs and cats can really understand what we say (they probably can’t), but talking to them in a nice, sweet voice seems to make them happy. Sometimes, you may even get a response, like little yap or head turn!

pup talking to groomerImage Credit: YouTubeIf you are upset, your dog can tell by the tone of your voice – so, it is important to be aware of this fact! In this video, a groomer is giving the little puppy a bath, and a brush and the puppy isn’t quite thrilled about the idea.

pup talking to groomerGIF Credit: YouTube

We are lucky enough that someone had the camera rolling to capture this adorable moment on film! The poor woman can’t get a word in at all as the puppy complains and complains about her predicament!

Talk about a grumpy Gus! Get that poor pup a pillow! Share away, people!

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