The Very Worst Passengers To Ever Grace Public Transport

By larva /

The worst kind of peep show

Talking of not deserving, let’s jump straight to this poor passenger who was treated to a rather grotesque peep show.

I would make a strand about this

The passenger behind this woman is clearly a very passive person. If that were most other people, her long blonde locks would have been cut of strand by strand – they do permit you to take nail scissors on board most planes, just so you know.

There is a time and a place

Finding suitable facilities to change your child’s nappy can be a challenge. However, on board a plane is one place where you shouldn’t be met with any problems for they provide a changing area for your baby. Where were the air hostesses when this chaos was unfolding?!

Riding in style

You’d be lying if you said that you haven’t been in a similar state whilst returning home on public transport after a heavy night on the beers.

No pants, no service

There is no excuse for this mans atrocious traveling attire. We pity the man who was unfortunate enough to book the seat alongside him – he looks as though he regrets buying the budget ticket.

Slice and dice 

Commuting consumes a large portion of your time, leaving you with little time to dedicate to cooking a quality meal once you finally get home. However, this woman appears to have cut out the middle man by doing her kitchen prep whilst on the subway!

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