States Passes Law – Parents Will Be Termed Sex Offenders For Changing Baby Diapers

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Every parent has changed a diaper or two (or several hundred) in their day, would you believe that the state of Arizona has very broad laws on child molestation, that every parent who changes a diaper could be arrested! In Arizona, child molestation is engaging in sexual contact with a child under the age of 15.

The law further says that sexual contact is “direct or indirect touching” of a child’s genitals or private areas. Arizona does not require there to be an intent to violate, harm, or arouse – like many other states. So, yes, it does sound like changing a diaper in Arizona means you are a pedophile! Even a doctor performing a routine exam could be charged with molestation!

Can changing diapers can make you a pedophile?

changing diapersImage Credit: N/ABill Montgomery, the Maricopa County Attorney, says common sense should be used and there is a big difference between molestation and changing a diaper. But not everyone sitting on a jury has common sense! Share away, people.

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