Salon Worker Stops When She Sees A Line On Customer’s Nail, Begs Customer To Rush To The ER

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Getting a manicure or pedicure is a beloved activity for many women and some men. Customers love getting pampered by the salon artist and often try new colors and styles on their nails. It is a simple way for people to express their creativity and their personalities. And they go as often as they can. Not only is going to the nail salon a relaxing experience – or it should be – it allows people a chance to chat and unload. You don’t usually think about a nail salon as offering a life-saving service. But that is what happened when a customer walked in and asked Lisa Harrison Williams for a strange request. She took one look at the patient’s nail and knew that she needed to dial 911 immediately. And Williams’s caution might have been the very thing to save the customer’s life. It was because she saw a line on her nail that looked bad. Learn more now!

Williams works at a nail shop and sees all different kinds of nails. She knows what is healthy and when something looks risky.

When this particular customer came in, she showed Williams a strange dark vertical line running from the base of her nail to the tip. She asked Williams to find a shade of nail polish that would cover it up. But Williams knew better than to simply cover up this line – because it was a sign of something much more dangerous than a bad fashion statement.

The woman had visited many salons over the years and technicians always commented on it. But only Williams was forceful enough to make sure this customer got it checked out by a doctor.

Some other nail artists said it came from a calcium deficiency. Others thought it was hereditary. But Williams knew it for what it was. And she looked the customer in the eyes and told her that she needed to seek medical attention immediately.

This line on her nail was a sign of cancer. Specifically a type of skin cancer called melanoma. This is usually diagnosed after a miscolored or misshapen mole appears – but it also happens when the nail bed suddenly turns a different color like it had for this customer.

The customer was horrified. She left and called her doctor. A few days later, she called Williams back with the heartbreaking news. The mark on her nail was cancer – a rare type called Subungual Melanoma.

This aggressive cancer of the nail bed is risky. It makes the pigmentation of the vertical lines spread through the skin and gets into the surrounding tissue. Risk of metastasis is high. But because Williams helped identify it early, the woman should be okay.

Contrary to many other skin cancers, Subungual Melanoma is not caused by sunlight. Doctors think it occurs from injuries and traumas. It usually happens in middle age, especially in adults with darker skin tones.

Check your nails carefully – skin cancer is not only of your moles.

Did you know this dark streak was a cancer warning sign?

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