Police Officer Goes "Undercover" In A Wheelchair, Is Stunned By How People Treat Him

By baggy /

When Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley decided to go undercover, he discovered the good in people.

Horsley chose to go undercover in Downtown Eastside Vancouver following two robberies. Both of these took place at knifepoint, and the victims were in wheelchairs. As such, Horsley’s undercover persona was a man with both cognitive and mobility disabilities.

Staff Sgt. Horsley was completely shocked by what he discovered, and so was the rest of his police team.

To set up the situation, according to Horsley:
“I deployed in a motorized wheelchair, and I portrayed a paralyzed person who had a brain injury.”

Instead of finding the robbers, he found out just how friendly Vancouver residents are.

Horsley was quickly accepted by the community. He talked with people facing mobility disabilities, such as the man at 0:36. During the conversations, Horsley learned more about these people and listened to their stories.


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