Playboy Responds To The Hate They Have Received After Placing A Transgender Model In The Magazine

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Meanwhile, others applauded Playboy for the inclusivity. “Even though it has taken eleven years after Playboy was established to have this happen congratulations to Playboy any way,” congratulated one user, while another said: “Wow people are incredible. Good for you for sticking up for what is right.”

As the issue received mixed reactions upon publication, Playboy came forward to defend their decision by comparing it to their March 1965 issue which featured Jenny Jackson, the “first black Playmate.”

However, this comparison stoked the fire of fury even higher online as aggravated users chastised Playboy‘s decision to compare the struggles of black people with those who are transgender. “It’s not appropriate to equate the struggles of Blacks in America [with] a Trans Playmate,” wrote one Twitter user in response.

“It is not the same. If you don’t understand that distinction, Playboy has some serious issues,” said another.

While Rau may be the first trans Playmate, she is not the first transgender model to feature in the magazine. In 1981, transgender actress Caroline “Tula” Cossey was photographed in the magazine to promote the latest Bond film, For Your Eyes Only.

However, it was not known by the public that she was trans at the time.

Cossey appeared in the magazine again in 1991, after a British tabloid revealed that she was trans. Talking to the Huffington Post, Cossey explained the importance of her feature in the magazine”
“The worldwide reach of the photos and feature had significant impact in changing erroneous preconceived ideas that a lot of people had about the trans community … I featured on Playboy magazine covers worldwide and the impact was huge on our acceptance ― I thank Hugh for that.”

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