People Open Up About Their Experiences Of Being Seconds Away From Death

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Recently on the popular question-and-answer site Quora, a thread was started for the sole purpose of allowing those who had been spine-chillingly close to death to share their experiences.

Bear in mind that some of these people had even been pronounced dead by paramedics, and so they know what they’re talking about.

According to Quora user, Christopher, he was no more than 30 seconds away from death. But reassuringly, he wasn’t alarmed by the prospect of nearing the end. He claims it was a very calming and tranquil experience.

Like Christopher, at some point in the process of dying, Kiara became reconciled to her fate. Unfortunately, rather than feel peace, she felt a deep sense of loneliness and emptiness.

When Lucia nearly died, she came to the realization, that it’s actually nowhere near as frightening as it is made out to be in popular culture. She even describes it as being “drawn towards the light”.

Quora user Austin also chimed in with the discussion, repeating this theme of peacefulness and acceptance of an untimely death.

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