Man Flies Drone Over Abandoned Texas Water Park, The Footage Is Giving People The Creeps

By croak /

From the moment Zach flew his drone into the water park, he found that there was no water left whatsoever in the pool that once refreshed thousands of people over the course of time. It wasn't necessarily creepy going into the bare water park grounds, but the more he explored, what he found certainly became so.

Finding that the slides are dry like skeleton bones was such a disappointing sight. All of these heart-racing activities are nothing like they use to be.

A park that once brought friends and families together is now so much different and Zach soon found out why. The way Zach flew his drone around the empty space is nothing like you would have found years ago.

Haunting views were everywhere in sight for both him and his drone. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Graffiti covers ornate water structures at the park. There's broken glass. Discarded trash. The bumper cars and golf course overgrown and long ago abandoned.

It's been described as run down, lonely, spooky and ugly. It also appears there's no help in sight for this park.

This was once called Water Wonderland, but sadly, there is no more water anywhere to be found. In the brunt of Texas heat, this Water Wonderland was once so perfect.

Discover the way time and money, or the lack thereof, can change everything. From the empty pools to the outside overview, it was so incredible to see.

With not enough funds to cover the grounds, Zach found out exactly what can happen in this shocking video below.

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