Kim Kardashian Has Been Accused Of Racism With Controversial Halloween Costume

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With all the makeup and costumes, you can become anyone or anything you want at Halloween. Or, can you? According to Kim Kardashian fan, you have to be very careful with your costume choice.

The reality television superstar is no stranger to controversy, in fact her whole career is built on a scandal. However, for (possibly) the first time in her career Kardashian caused controversy unintentionally, with a Halloween costume which many have found offensive.

In the build up to Halloween, Kardashian opted for a variety of cleverly constructed costumes. First she donned the iconic yellow embellished gown of Cher, worn by the singer at the 1973 Academy Awards. She completed the costume look with the addition of her friend Johnathan Cheban, who dressed as the late Sonny Bono.

The costume was a huge success, with Cher herself congratulating her “Little Armenian Sister” for her “beautiful” reconstruction of the show stopping outfit.

Then Kardashian squeezed her famous posterior into an elegant cocktail gown to replicate Madonna’s sensational outfit from the 1991 Academy Awards. Meanwhile, her sister Kourtney payed homage to the late Michael Jackson as she escorted her sister dressed as the “King of Pop”.

But, it was her third costume that caused the biggest controversy online.


This year, Kim decided to pay homage to “musical legends”, hence her well received tributes to Cher and Madonna. However, her third look didn’t quite receive the same reception…

Kardashian opted to turn up the heat in a sexy ensemble inspired by the late singer, Aaliyah. Complete with a diamond encrusted bra, and unfortunate nip-slip, Kardashian looked every inch the star as she posed for numerous selfies. However, her fans were not as pleased with her look as she was…

The Kardashian family are no strangers to being called out for cultural appropriation, the reality stars have been slammed for wearing cornrows, Indian headdresses and a burka. Kim in particular came under fire in 2008 when she dressed as Princess Jasmine for Halloween. However, Kim wasn’t expecting to be scrutinized for her Aaliyah tribute costume.

“Legend or not Aaliyah is a black woman and you’re not. It’s offensive and you shouldn’t push this limit, but ok…”, wrote one incensed user. However, many condemned the accusation that Kim’s costume was racist…

Aaliyah’s impressive, but sadly short, career began when she was 12-years-old. Under the controversial mentorship of R. Kelly she released her first album which went double platinum after selling 74,000 copies in the first week. Tragically, at 22-years-old, Aaliyah died in an airplane crash.

It was established that the pilot at the time didn’t have a full license and had cocaine and alcohol in his system.

Her death prompted mass mourning across the globe as fans of the star came to terms with the shocking news. Despite her short, but successful, career Aaliyah has maintained her position as one of the most influential stars of the ’90s. So when Kim Kardashian announced that her Halloween costumes this year were inspired by musical icons, many presumed Aaliyah would feature.

A majority of her fans didn’t have a problem with the costume, claiming it to be perfectly appropriate. But, others weren’t convinced. Meanwhile, Kim is yet to comment on the accusations.


What do you think? Was Kim Kardashian wrong to dress as Aaliyah? Or, do you think she rocked it and did the late star proud?

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