Guy Can Never Catch His Dog Red-Handed, So He Sets Up Camera And Leaves Everyone In Stitches

By phew /


The family in this video knew the dog was up to something when they realized some food was missing from the kitchen. What they didn’t know was exactly how their yellow Labrador was able to get to the food. So, what did they do? They set up a hidden camera, of course!

I bet the camera didn’t even have to be a hidden one, the dog wouldn’t have cared! The dog, Allie, is 12 years old and belongs to Montiel, a radio host in California. Montiel was able to see just how his dog was getting into the freezer! Since being posted, the video has been viewed more than 3.3 million times! Once you watch this, you will see why it has gone viral!

Take a look at this video

Once Montiel leaves the house, it takes Allie just a few moments to get herself a nice treat! What a genius! Share away, people!

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