Girl Repeatedly Punches Boyfriend In Face Until He Snaps And Rocks Her

By gatz /

How many slaps to the face is too many slaps? That is the question people are trying to answer today on Facebook. This guy took about 40 punches before he throws a shot of his own. The thing that always gets me about these videos is all of these people around them, watching, filming, etc and NO ONE WANTS TO STOP IT BEFORE SOMEONE DIES!?

The Facebook page who posted it only gave us this much to go off: Only One Punch Nearly Sent Her To Her Grave

I have no idea what they could be fighting for. My guesses are:

He was cheating. He was cheating. He got caught with another girl in the club. He got caught with another girl at home. Did I guess maybe this was over maybe one of them cheating?

The comments didn’t give us any more insight into why these people were fighting. They just wanted to argue about if it was okay to smack her or not:

That’s how you know useless friends, so they can hold her like that all this while but they ignored her to be slapping the boy as if he is under a spell, let no one call this a domestic violence cuz the lady over reacted

Stupid girl, how can she be slapping that guy like that self….imagine all those slaps…if she was the one been slapped like that she will be 6ft under by now…violent bitch

Sure this is domestic violence, the guy the victim. And he just hit her once because its the only way to calm the cunt down, Local anaesthetic and it worked. What a Hero that guy

Where are the “never hit a woman no matter what” people, tho some men r freaks but sometimes the lady is d cause of domestic violence. If this happened indoor with no camera rolling.. The guy would be facing the backlash of his life from the mass, cos the girl would end up blabbing about how her guy hit her with a pic of her bleeding mouth, not knowing the intense amount of patience and endurance the guy burned before he could make that one hit.. Ladies don’t push ur man too much, so he won’t end up doing the unspeakable

Hmmm, that guy is a gentleman, I tell my son to try and endure the first slap from a lady if he can but the second and third slap? He has my permission to beat her up like a Non living thing, no one has the monopoly of violence.

Oh those people are also in the comments. 

Come for me. Violence is wrong. No she was wrong for slapping him. Just that slaps. She is not powerful enough for anything else. If a man can with one punch kill another man. Then her slaps were just that. A man can always corral a woman’s arms

This is just sick. the man could have killed her with that hit. respectful. i hope he gets put in jail for 20 to life for somethin like this. bitch azz nigga .

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