Getaway Driver Of A Murder Shows No Remorse During Trial, Then Judge Reads Out Loud 13 Words

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When a man realized that he and his wife were being carjacked, he upheld his manly duty and protected his woman. But the carjackers decided in that moment to upgrade their crime to murder. Because they were bent on getting away with the vehicle, they killed the man, who was only trying to protect his wife. Now they are on trial for murder. And when the widow of the victim stepped up to the stand to give testimony in a heart-breaking statement, the criminal’s smirk made everyone in the courtroom sick. That’s why the judge shouted down at the killer six words that erased the evil grin from his lips.

32-year-old Basim Henry, 33-year-old Kevin Roberts, 29-year-old Hanif Thompson, and 31-year-old Karif Ford targeted a husband wife. During the carjacking, they fatally shot 30-year-olds Dustin Friedland as he put his life on the line to defend his beloved wife, Jamie, 27. They were at the Short Hills mall back in December 2013 when the carjackers turned their gun toward the brave husband fired the killing shot.

Jamie survived the killing but held her dying husband as he took his last breath. She never thought death would come so soon to the vibrant, brave young man she had come to love with all her heart.

Meanwhile, the four carjackers were later arrested. Now they stand trial for murder.

Basim was the man who pulled the trigger and ended an innocent man’s life. When Jamie gave her statement at Basim’s murder trial in Newark, New Jersey, there wasn’t a dry-eye in the court – except for Basim’s.

The killer not only showed no remorse for his act, he had a smile on his face. And as Jamie revealed the depths of her torture, Basim’s smile got bigger and bigger. He was getting some kind of sick joy out of her telling this tale in court.

But when Judge Ravin saw Basim’s smiling during Jamie’s testimony, he could not bear it. He looked down on the killer and shouted these words that will forever erase smiles from Basim Henry’s lips.

“I sentence you to stay in prison for the rest of your life.”

Condemned to toil the rest of his life away behind bars, Basim no longer saw the humor in the death of Friedland. Instead, he finally felt something for the first time since the slaying of the brave husband.

Although Basim received the maximum penalty for his crime, Friedland’s family does not think it is enough – and it will never be enough to atone for the murder of their Dustin.

Rose Friedland, Dustin’s mother, said, “There is no victory for us today. Dustin will not be with us again and there will be two mothers without their sons.”

Meanwhile Jamie remembers the moment she saw her husband alive for the last time:

“I turned around and saw Dustin laying there in a pool of blood. I ran over to him, and I was screaming, ‘Stay with me.’ I saw him gasping for breath and his eyes looking at me.”

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