Family & Friends Of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair Ask For Prayers After The Wrestler Was Admitted To Hospital In Critical Condition

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Pro wrestling icon "the Nature Boy" Ric Flair was hospitalized this weekend due to "tough medical issues," according to his management.

Details are still trickling about about 68-year-old Flair's condition and what lead to his hospitalization, but his health seems to have worsened since he was admitted on Saturday morning.

What happened?

Over the weekend rumors began to fly that Flair had been hospitalized, and on Saturday night the wrestler's management team took to Twitter to confirm the reports.

Flair's representative, Melina Morris Zanoni from Legacy Talent, tweeted that Flair's family checked him into a hospital (it's not clear where) and he was put into the Intensive Care


Yes,Ric in hosp 4routine monitoring.No reason2panic.Yes,many thx2his fiancé&hospstaff.No excuses Ric wld want u2go out 2nite NaturBoy style!


Zanoni initially seemed very optimistic about Flair's condition, writing that he was hospitalized for "routine monitoring" and fans had "no reason to panic."

As the weekend went on, unconfirmed reports by pro wrestling news sites have blamed heart problems for Flair's hospitalization.

How is he now?

Since Saturday morning it seems like the Nature Boy's health has taken a turn for the worse. A new tweet from Zanoni on Monday says that Flair is facing "tough medical issues."

"Are u a Fan/Friend of Ric Flair?" she asks, "if so, we need prayers and positive energy 4 our Living Legend as he is dealing [with] some tough medical issues."


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