EMTs Spot Little Girl Driving Car Alone, Get Closer & Immediately Realize Terrifying Truth

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You've probably heard of children doing amazing things when confronted with an emergency. From calling 911 for help to other miraculous moves, the way many children respond to emergencies is nothing short of impressive.

Such was the case for a seven-year-old little girl from Brooklyn, New York. Her quick thinking for such a young child has been credited with saving not just her father's life, but the lives of others around them.

Eric Roman, 37, was driving his Lexus with his oldest of two daughters along for the ride. Eric had been complaining of pain from a case of tennis elbow and had been seen by neighbors wearing his arm in a sling.

But when Eric drifted into an unresponsive state while driving, his Lexus began careening out of control along Ocean Avenue near the busy and packed Belt Parkway during rush hour. This forced his daughter to jump into action.

So, what did the brave seven-year-old decide to do? She hopped onto her daddy's lap and began trying to steer their car to safety.

Fortunately, for the little girl and Eric, EMT Arlene Garcia and her partner, EMT Charles Zimring, saw the startling sight of the little girl driving the car. Arlene, a mom of three ages nine, 10 and 11, couldn't believe her eyes.
"We turned with the car and saw this little girl behind the wheel. I'm a mom, so I was freaking out. I started yelling at her to pull over and stop the car. There's no way her feet could reach the pedals. We were turning with her, telling her to pull over, waving our arms wildly at her, but she wasn't pulling over."

Luckily, because she couldn't reach the gas pedals, the car slowed down to where it was just coasting. But she also couldn't reach the brake pedal. So Arlene and Charles quickly devised a plan.


While they ended up sacrificing the ambulance's bumper, they halted the vehicle, sparing any more destruction and avoiding any more danger.
"...we pulled right in front of her with the ambulance and that's how we stopped it."

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