Dog’s adopted 8 times but always escapes to return to shelter. Staff melts when the realize why

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Gumby is a dog of action that could not be contained. As a hound, he had the tendency to wander. And over the years he became quite the escape artist. According to BarkPost, Gumby was about 3 or 4-year-olds when he was found wandering the streets of South Carolina and taken in by the Charleston Animal Society.

He was handsome, healthy, and exceptionally friendly, so the staff at the Charleston Animal Society didn’t think twice about whether or not he’d be adopted.

And he was. They just miscalculated how long he would be adopted for. His first adoption lasted an entire three days. His second adoption only lasted six.

Gumby spent the next two years being adopted and returned back to the shelter. He was taken back by to the shelter his adoptive parents eight times and was picked up off of the street three times.


Source: Kay Hyman

His adoptive families just didn’t know what to do with him because he would constantly escape.

Finally one of the staff members at Charleston Animal Society figured out why Gumby would always return to the shelter.

“He knows he has work to do,” Behavior Team Leader Donya Satriale said.

It was discovered that Gumby had a special skill. The Charleston Animal Society’s staff discovered that Gumby is an empath and has the ability to comfort incoming dogs who are experiencing fear and anxiety.


Source: Charleston Animal Society

So instead of continuing to try and place Gumby in a new home, he now works with Satriale on her team and lives in the shelter. He serves as the “Ambassa-Dog” and helps with behavioral demonstrations and helping new dogs adjust.

Thankfully, the Charleston Animal Society is a no-kill shelter. If they hadn’t been, Gumby may have faced a different fate.


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