Dog Left Tied To Stop Sign With Bag Of Food And A Sad Note

By semimajor /

Tania Cheek was on the phone with her best friend, Tracalyn Roberts, when her friend saw something that made her stop her car.

“She said, ‘Oh my god, Tania — there’s a dog tied to a stop sign,’” Cheek, owner of Paws on a Stroll, a dog-walking business in Houston, told The Dodo. “I said, ‘You have no option, Tracalyn — you have to get him.’”

Roberts parked her car and got out to see the dog, who turned out to be very friendly. The American bulldog had been left with a full bag of dog food and a note written on the back of a pay stub that said, “Please take care of me!”

While the dog had a little bit of shade from nearby trees, it was sweltering outside that day.

“She found him around noon, and it gets to be around 95 to 98 [degrees] in the day,” Cheek said. “In the picture, it looked like there was water in a bowl, but there was actually nothing in it. There was just a bunch of empty water bottles around it.”

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