Demanding Movies Scenes That Pushed Actors To The Brink

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12. Carl Weathers – Rocky IV (1985)


When actors Dolph Lundgren and Carl Weathers (‘Apollo Creed’) stepped into the ring for their Rocky IV fight. After Lundgren shoved Weathers a little too hard, he stormed off set and REFUSED to return, forcing the production on the film to be halted for four days. Fortunately, good guy Stallone convinced Weathers to return.

11. Jim Carrey – Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)


Jim Carrey earned the role as The Grinch after an audition process that included earning the approval of Dr. Seuss’ widow. However, this was easy compared to the pain he was forced to endure on set. He had a particularly hard time in the makeup chair, where he spent hours every day during the lengthy shoot. Carrey also had to be fitted with uncomfortable contact lenses put the actor in so much pain, the studio was forced to bring in a MILITARY TORTURE ADVISOR to help Carrey cope.

Those techniques helped Carrey through filming without quitting, but only just! In fact, in some shots of the movie, the Grinch’s eyes had to be digitally fixed in post-production due to the fact that Carrey couldn’t bear to wear the contacts.

10. Gene Hackman – The French Connection (1971)


The director of The French Connection, William Friedkin, made it very clear that Gene Hackman wasn’t his first choice for the hard-nosed lead role. Then again, Hackman started having second thoughts himself when he had to wear a Santa costume and tackle someone to the ground an agonising and infuriating 27 times. Hackman threatened to leave the film, but stayed the course, and ended winning an Oscar for Best Actor.


9. Tippi Hedren – The Birds (1963)


Alfred Hitchcock may be remembered for being an incredible director, but he won’t be remembered for treating his actors well. According to actress Tippi Hedren, filming the final attack scene of The Birds was the “worst week of her life”. You see, the original plan was to use mechanical birds, however, this was changed to having REAL birds flung at her by prop men instead. On the fifth day of filming, she collapsed in tears and Hitchcock was ordered by a doctor to give her a week’s rest.

8. Shelly Duvall – The Shining (1980)


If you’ve ever seen The Shining, you’ll know just how incredible Shelly Duvall’s performance was. What makes it even more spectacular was the real-life struggles she had to overcome on set. Jack Nicholson has referred to Duvall’s performance as the toughest job he’s ever seen an actor have. Duvall spent most of the film suffering from exhaustion and dehydrated from the amount of crying she was forced to do. She was even losing her hair by the end of the movie’s production.

Infamously, the scene where Wendy tries to protect herself from Jack with a baseball bat still holds a spot in the Guinness World Records for the most takes – the actors were forced to shoot it 127 times!

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