Ben Affleck Made A Joke About The Hollywood Sexual Assault Scandal And Twitter Is Outraged

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Check out the video of the incident below.

Now Ben may have apologized for groping MTV presenter Hilarie Burton, but the comments he made in this recent interview have reignited the wrath of the people who believe he has not shown sufficient remorse.

And these Twitter users certainly haven’t held back about their thoughts on the whole debacle:

People are angry because they have taken his comments to mean that he is far more concerned about his own reputation than his questionable actions.

Some Twitter users couldn’t help but notice that the rest of cast looked mightily uncomfortable by his comment.

On the flipside, many other Twitter users believe that Ben’s words were taken far too seriously, and that he had been hung out to dry enough recently.

Yes, what Ben Affleck said was certainly ill-advised, however, it must not be forgotten that treating serious issues with a sense of humor does not necessarily diminish them.

He clearly isn’t one to mince his words. In fact, earlier this year he was under hot water for a comment he made over 20 years ago about kissing men in film. Watch this video to learn more about the controversial remarks he probably wishes he had kept to himself.

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