Ben Affleck Made A Joke About The Hollywood Sexual Assault Scandal And Twitter Is Outraged

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After news came to light of the horrific cases of assault that had been perpetrated by Harvey Weinstein, you may recall that Ben Affleck’s initial response implied that he was previously unaware of the accusations that had been levelled against the movie mogul.

The Daredevil star took to Facebook to share a status about how horrified he was after learning of the claims, and encouraged others to come forward and speak out:

You may also remember that Rose McGowan, the most vocal figure in the whole debacle, called Ben out for “lying” about being unfamiliar with Weinstein’s illicit behavior.

Things only got worse for Affleck, as recently footage was released onto the internet of Ben Affleck inappropriately groping a presenter’s breast on the popular MTV show TRL.

Although the incident occurred all the way back in 2003, many people were appalled by Ben’s behavior. It appeared that the Batman actor was just another powerful and entitled person in the entertainment industry who believed he could get away with touching people inappropriately.

Well, to add flames to an already raging fire, Ben has recently made a joke about the sexual assault scandal which has been plaguing Hollywood, and in doing so, has enraged a lot of people.

So, what exactly happened? Well, last week an interview with the cast of the new DC comic book movie Justice League was uploaded to the internet by MTV. However, today it has been making waves on the internet.

It all started off very innocently when the cast members were asked which characters they would like to join the squad in future movies.

Ben started on the right track by saying the squad needed “more women”, and revealed that he would like Black Canary to be included in the franchise.

Henry Cavill then told the interviewer that he would like to see the Supergirl to his Superman.

Ray Fisher suggested DC Comics character Zatanna and Ben responded, “The fishnets, right?” implying that her sex appeal was the primary reason Ray had suggested the character in the first place.

Then the interviewer, referring back to Henry’s answer, asked, “What would you get up to if you had Supergirl… joining the team?” to which Ray replied, “I think it would create a different dynamic,” and Ben jokingly interjected with: “You following the news at all?”

By the “the news”, it appears Ben was referring to the sexual assault allegations that have been made against many of Hollywood’s most celebrated figures, including Ben himself.

After a backlash of comments on Twitter, Affleck was forced to apologize for his comments:

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