40 hilarious times animals photobombed at exactly the right time

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You can thank the internet for popularizing the photobomb.

Everybody has photobombed or been photobombed before. It’s a classic practical joke where you see someone taking a picture and you find your way to insert yourself into the background, ruining an otherwise good photo. Bonus points for silly faces or unique poses, of course. As with all internet trends, though, the person-on-person photobombing wasn’t enough.

Fortunately, animals have gotten in on the photobombing action as well.

Just how many instances are there of animals photobombing people, you might be asking yourself? More than you might think. There are even examples of animals photobombing other animals!

Buckle up—here are 40 of the best animal photobombs.

1. Who knew seals had so much personality?


Source: reddit.com/DonMasta

2. We all wish we could be as smooth as this baby turtle.


Source: imgur.com/psalms27

3. What’s up, guys?!


Source: fuk.co.uk

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