21 Insanely Insensitive Social Media Updates Posted Moments After Disaster

By caviar /

The word ‘devastated’ loses some of its potency when accompanied with a selfie…

5. She must have hit her head pretty bad

Thankfully, this woman appears to be okay despite her brush with a car. Although, we suspect that she must have sustained some mild concussion to make her think this Facebook post was appropriate.

6. In loving memory…

We hope the “RIH” stands for “Rest in Heaven,” and not the other place that people go to once they die…

7. A funaroul?!

A funeral is a time for respect. A time to reflect on your loved one who has passed away. Clearly, this family missed out on etiquette classes, as well as spelling lessons.

8. Bending over to help

As a teenager, we share all sorts of bizarre pictures on Facebook. A quick flick back to the early days leaves our cheeks a little warm and red. Luckily, we never posted anything quite as strange as this.

9. All the sad emojis

“Ima go to show some respect,” she types whilst wearing a stomach-baring cropped jacket. Oh, the irony.

10. Thank God for that!

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