16-Year-Old Girl Dies From ‘Rapunzel Syndrome,’ And Here’s What That Means

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Rapunzel syndrome or trichotillomania is compulsive hair eating. According to the National Health Sciences, it is thought of as an impulse control disorder whereby one relieves stress by pulling their hair out. What may be regarded as an innocent habit can actually be fatal since hairballs can form in the stomach which can then become infected.

And this is exactly what happened to 16-year-old Jasmine Beever.

She was away at college in the UK when she died suddenly.

Jasmine Beever was only 16 years old and from Skegness, about four hours east of Manchester, when she fell sick earlier this month. When she went home to rest, she found herself with blotchy red skin.

She was later taken to a hospital where staff attempted life-saving resuscitation. It has been reported that the teen was revived for 15 minutes but died shortly after.
The Belgravia CentreThe Belgravia Centre

An autopsy showed that Jasmine died from peritonitis which is when the thin membrane of the abdominal wall becomes infected.
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The infection that was brought on in Jasmine’s case was from the hairball that had steadily grown in her stomach. The infected hairball then led to a burst ulcer that ultimately led her organs to shut down.
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