15 Things We All Did In The '90s That Are No Longer Socially Acceptable

By droning /

It can be painful to consider just how much time has passed since the '90s (seriously don't think too hard about it) and how much of day-to-day life has changed since then.

But it's hard not to be reminded when you start to realize some things that were 100% totally fine then are now at best completely unacceptable and at worst worthy of complete social exile. Here are some of the things we never thought twice about doing in the '90s that we could never get away with today.

1. Stopping by someone's house completely unannounced to see if they were home

Nobody saw any problems with thisGiphy

We did it all the time as kids, but now if it happens to us we just pretend we're not home.

What happens when you don't tell me you're coming overGiphy

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