12 People Who Had Their Expectations Exceeded (And Some Who Didn’t)

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As humans, we all have expectations. Because of our ability to imagine and have foresight we can predict how things are going to be. Whether it is a mixed martial arts fight or a premonition on how an outfit that you purchased online would look like on you, there can be a difference in your expectations versus your reality.

Sometimes we expect too much but there are times when the ‘reality’ is just downright deceiving.

From prom dresses to hardware fails, here are 12 images where expectations and reality seriously differed.

Whether you are an employee or a customer, you don’t expect any aisle at any store to look like that. As a customer, you want to be able to easily and safely access what you want to purchase and as a staff you want to spend as little time as possible having to clean up after other people.

These cake toppers are certainly a little bit creepy. Not only do they resemble Vlad the Impaler’s victims but the grooms also seem to be missing a head.

Apparently, this woman asked a famous photoshopper to crop out her legs from the photo, too bad she didn’t specify exactly how she wanted the end result to look like.

This is blasphemous to any and all pizzas. A pizza without cheese and sauce should not be called a pizza. You might as well just have bread and pepperoni by itself.

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