10 Gross Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Orgasms Inside You

By harem /

Sex can be really gross sometimes. Fortunately, the pleasure it gives us balances everything out, but does it really, though? Although having sex without a condom can feel absolutely liberating, there are a couple of drawbacks to letting him ejaculate inside of your lady cave of pleasures.

Sure, the amazing pulsing feeling of his manstick inside of you is to die for, and so is that spreading warm feeling of fullness as he holds you tight in his arms after he's orgasmed inside of you. But after he pulls out, that's when the ick factor really begins, and you have to wonder if all that crazy mess was worth it.

#1. Some of his man juice will stay with you for quite a while, and that's not a good thing.

Sure, you think you've pissed most of it out when you took a squat on the toilet seat and heard it drip out, but some of it is there to stay, which in itself is a serious eww moment!

#2. Man juice can make your vagina smell funky as hell, and that's not a walk in the park, my friend.

The mixture of your man's spunk and your vaginal juices can make your vagina stink within 24 to 48 hours. Depending on what he eats, his sperm could smell a whole lot worse, making your lady parts smell like a trash compactor...for a while at least!

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